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You don’t actually need the Big Guns when you make collection calls.  What you need are good boundaries.

The first step to making a collection call is to get clear on what your role is, and what it isn’t.

Here are some of those things that collection calls are not about, but that people often think, or at least act like, they are:

It isn’t about making the person who hasn’t paid you feel bad about not having paid you.  They probably have done that all on their own.  Your pushing and poking around that will only make the situation worse.  They are likely to get defensive and/or angry.  And neither of those will help.  And the person is really more likely to avoid you, to avoid your calls and ultimately, to avoid paying you.

It isn’t about you trying to help them figure out how to pay you.  That is a definite Money Trap.  First, no matter what idea you have, it’s likely that they will find a way that it buy phenergan tablets onlinewon’t work.  All of a sudden you are in the awkward conversation that is frustrating and unproductive, and oh, by the way, completely off topic.  The true topic is they need to pay you, not how they are going to do it.  And that leads to the second problem with trying to help.  When you try to help, you take them away from making the commitment to pay.  It becomes your idea, not theirs.  They aren’t invested in it, and aren’t likely to actually follow through with it.

So what is the call about?  It’s about, to borrow a philosophy from the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, being “calm and assertive”.  What helps you get there?  Long ago, in the 80’s, I had a friend and colleague that used to wear her real pearl necklace on the days she had to do collections.  (To those of you who don’t remember the days when pearl necklaces where both cool and status, think of it as wearing the designer shoes of today!)  The pearls helped her feel calm and assertive.  They helped her set the tone.

With all that prep, let me give you the ‘skinny’.  There is only ONE thing you need to say when making a collection call:  “When can I expect payment?”  That’s it, just that.  If they start doing into the big long story of why they can’t pay,  how the dog ate the bill, their mother-in-law stole their money, or they were recently run over by a truck you say: “Wow, that’s really too bad.  When can I expect payment?”

You don’t engage in the figuring, you don’t offer solutions, you just stay calm and assertive, and you are consistent about it.  And then you wait for them to make a commitment.

If they say “I don’t know when I can pay you” you calmly say, “I need a commitment that you will keep”.   If they propose a payment plan, you can accept, reject or revise it.  Just don’t you propose it.  Maintain your boundaries.

So keep it calm, assertive and simple:  “When can I expect payment”.   Write it on your desktop, or your hand.  Use it.  It’s all you need.

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Social Status is around us all the time.  It may be more subtle than it used to be, but it’s still there.  We feel the pressure to at least keep up with Joneses, if not to actually pass them up.  We all want the apparent ease and comfort that “success” brings.  And I agree, success does bring ease and comfort.

The challenge is in getting clear about what you want.  If you are expecting financial success to make you fee “whole”, like you have somehow “arrived”, you will never find a ladder high enough.

Many people get stuck in this trap.  “This next bigger, more expensive house will make me feel like I’ve made it, I’m just sure it will.  Ah, but then when they get there some intangible thing is still missing.  So the quest continues up another ladder to another level.  And it keeps continuing.

Here’s the real problem.  Money, wealth, houses, cars, arm candy… none of it is the answer.  We are trying to solve an internal quest with external symbols.  The symbols are informative.  The tell us important things about what we are seeking…BUT…they are still nothing but symbols, and not the end goals.

What kind of house do you want?  Make a list of the qualities, things, colors; all the elements.  Now look at your list from a different perspective.   What do all those things represent on a more internal level?  Are they about peace, or sharing, or beauty, or security?  List all the qualities you are seeking.

That’s what you really want, that second list.  You can have that list, and your dreams of success have been trying to tell you what’s on that list.  You’ve just gotten trapped into thinking it’s about the accoutrements on the first list, instead of the essence, your essence, your heart and soul..

And here’s the truth, you can have the core without the trappings, but you can’t get the core simply by amassing the trappings.  You have to do the inner work.  Maybe that will be easier than you think once you get clear on the actual goal?

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Before you can figure out what to charge for your product or service, you need to figure out which money land your prospective clients live in.

Money is different where ever you use it.  It has different value, different rules, and even different language.  There are all sorts of different ways of looking at money and its value.  Some have to do with geography – San Francisco is more expensive than Denver.  Some have to do with cars – BMW and Mercedes land vs SUV and Truck land.  Some have to do with social strata – purses, shoes, number of garages.  All different perspectives about the same thing – money.

And people in each of those perspectives have different views about what they can and can’t afford, what is cheap and what is expensive, what has value and what doesn’t. They all have the same worries and concerns, really – there just may be more zeros after their number than yours.

When you are looking at those great marketing questions like “Who is your ideal client?” make sure to include questions like “What are they willing to pay for this?” and even more importantly “What are they expecting to pay?”

It’s a challenge, I know.  It takes research, and sometimes constant “fussing”.  And if  you don’t charge enough, they may not value your product enough to engage or show up in the process, even if they do hire you.  They have to have skin in the game.  It has to be of value for them.  And as I have said before “it has to be more than lunch, for them”.

What would your wealthier client pay for lunch?  Are you charging more than that?  Is the culture and economics of where you live supportive of the fee you are charging?

If you aren’t getting business, one of the issues may be that you are charging to much, or maybe you are charging too little.   Hmmm….

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Most of the people I work with are self employed, and many
of them have made a choice to leave a more traditional environment and strike
out on their own.  There is a joy in that
independence isn’t there?  We feel the
relief of leaving the constraints, politics, rules, and all sorts of things.  

Sometimes, however, we bring some extra baggage with us as we
step through the door into the new life.  

Where are you trying to bring the old practices with you
into the new business?  Specifically, ones
that don’t fit?  

I’ve had several people complain to me that they shouldn’t
have to give away time to get business.  Free samples to anyone who wants one? No, they should give time only to people who are actual potential
buyers.  It’s a mind set issue.  You really aren’t giving away your time, you are
investing it in promoting your business.
Even if the person doesn’t become a client, can you make sure that they
become a fan?  Can you treat them well,
so they believe in you and what you do, even if they don’t need or want your
service right now?

Another resentment I hear is one about people pressing for
fee negotiations.  Somehow, the
independent business owner can feel disrespected if the potential client angles for a
deal or a sliding scale.  I hear the
argument that, hey, you don’t get to negotiate a price at the grocery store or the gas station.  Why me? The tangle here is the interpretation.  I don’t discount my fees or give deals, nor
am I offended when someone asks.  They
are just asking.  It’s not personal to

So maybe that’s actually the crux of it?  Maybe the baggage that we bring through the
door is thinking that it’s personal?
That people are treating us in certain ways on purpose.  We forget that we are in a new place, where the rules and mores are different.  Maybe you used to
work in a big corporation with lots of politics?  Maybe you worked in retail with fixed
prices?  Maybe you never had to talk
about money before?  Maybe you weren’t
selling a service that you personally deliver, and is therefore associated with

What if it isn’t about you?
What if it’s just curiosity?  Or
even part of the new adventure?  How can
you let go of the baggage and think about it differently?  How can you embrace the changes that seem
awkward along with the ones you were longing for?